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Mamaia (Romania) - April 2013

(Mine) Room With A View

Although, in my travels, I've stayed in places and structures that are very modest, as I told you, I certainly do not dislike comfort and quality hotel. So here I am, for the second time in two weeks, writing a post in English, so that it can be easily understood by the hotel staff that I hosted a few days ago, for a short period, in Mamaia, Romania.
It's important to say that Mamaia, a place where it just goes on vacation, practically an extension of Constanza, is certainly not a place that can make it clear what is today Romania: Mamaia, during the winter is almost uninhabited. Is built on an isthmus that lies between the Black Sea and Lake Siutghiol, and is an expanse of hotels. Despite this, my three relaxing days at the Hotel California Club, the name of the place I want to talk, another three days in which, after those passed in Kos, I unplugged the plug from work, were pleasant and interesting. Aside from the excellent weather, sunbathing, great food (thanks to Claudio, the cook, who also told me he's not the holder, since we were still in low season, the first cook will arrive), the smiles and the availability of each component of the staff, I found people, not just simple workers who are ready to meet my every need.
Speaking not only in English but also in Italian, given that some of these people have had work experience in Italy, I was able to talk about the global economic situation and that of Romania, of their political situation, how they see us, about the prejudices (wrong, in my opinion) that we Italians have against them, of their dreams for the future. Once again, a few days are enough to create a memory that has enriched me, and I have known people that will surely remember for a long time, and who knows, one day I could see them again. If you, one day, will decide to go to Mamaia, this hotel is the place to go.

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