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and justice for all...

Those who follow fassbinder know that here (I mean for me), the italian national football team is not very popular, and coincidentally by the other hand, is very popular, as a nation, Uruguay. 
As you all know, a few hours ago, Italy was eliminated in the first round of the Football World Cup, by Uruguay. Once again, the tactic adopted by Italy was unwatchable, pointing at maximum results with minimum effort: the draw for 0 to 0. And, for once rightly, this tactic has been punished. 
Thus, justice is done. 
But don't be fooled: although many will tell you the opposite, football IS NOT a metaphor for life.

And hey, Prandelli, don't beat around the bush: you've failed, you've resigned, bravo. Exit stage with dignity, and don't talk about your salary and taxes.

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