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Brussels - Belgium - Giugno 2014 (2)

And so, after two weeks, I came back to Belgium to the headquarter. This time was more intense. A workshop of two days (I participated in place of my chief), together with other people, someone already known, some other meet for the first time, all more used to think in terms of problem solving and that have more the habit to manage this kind of things. At the end of the first day, I swear, my head was a rollercoaster. But, at the end of the second day, I survived, and I learned a lot.

The third day I worked in the headquarter, and I had the chance to meet again people that I've already met briefly, and know other people I work with, also just if by email or by phone.
Again, and I know I'm a little sentimental about interpersonal relationship, I found a very friendly ambient, and I'm sure this feeling will be with me for a long time.
I just wanna thank you (again) all these persons.

And from Friday, my trip in Belgium will continue in Gent, with my old friends that live there.
So: to be continued.

The garden attached to the restaurant near the hotel where I was staying, in Vilvoorde

Looking through the window, on Friday, while I was working...

One of the best thing: the music feast, at the restaurant of the headquarter. Every year, some employees play music on stage, while the others have lunch. Amazing.

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