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Mah, l'amore

Malamore - The Limiñanas (2016)

Duo francese di Perpignan, Lionel e Marie Limiñana si ispirano al moderno low fi, a Gainsbourg e ai Velvet Underground. Lui canta (meglio, recita) in francese, lei canta in inglese, li accompagna una band, e mettono insieme musica orecchiabile e sinuosa, che pare venire più dal Texas che dalla Languedoc. Non è la mia tazza di té, ma c'è a chi potrebbero piacere.

French duo of Perpignan, Lionel and Marie Limiñana are inspired by modern low-fi, Gainsbourg and the Velvet Underground. He sings (better said, he act) in French, she sings in English, they are accompanied by a band and they build catchy and sinuous music, which seems to come more from Texas then from Languedoc. It is not my cup of tea, but there are people who might like it.

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